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Have you ever wondered why your horse suddenly won’t go? Or just stops at fences? Won’t pick up the canter on the correct lead? Or has started balking or bucking? A poorly fitting saddle may be the problem.
After consultations with your vet to rule out anything physical and, your trainer to rule out behavioral issues, a custom saddle fitting may be the answer to these problems. Based on breed conformation, accurate saddle measurements, riding habits and uses, a custom saddle fitting and flocking removes irritating bumps and lumps to ensure that your saddle fits your horse comfortably and securely. The smallest bump or lump in the saddle or the way it sits on your horse can be the culprit.
Your horse can only perform at his best when he is free of pain. It is important to realize that a properly fitting saddle is the key to maintaining the welfare of your horse as well as, providing comfort and success for both horse and rider.
Heather Soones-Booher, owner of Saddles101, offers custom saddle fitting and flocking services for all purpose saddles as well as specialty saddles used for jumping, dressage and trail. She says that a saddle that does not fit your horse is just like ill-fitting shoes on you; very uncomfortable. She understands the importance of having well designed, well made and custom fit saddles, which is why she started Saddles101.
Call Heather today to arrange a custom saddle fitting for you and your horse.
 Custom Saddle Fitting and Flocking

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