"Each horse should have its own saddle. Just as a pair of shoes adapts to the wearer's foot, so the saddle adopts the contours of the horse."

-The Soceity of Master Saddlers



Be sure to clean your saddle carefully. Insufficiently treating the leather will dry it out causing it to crack. Cleaned and oiled too much, the dressing will not be absorbed and the saddle can become sticky or gooey, possibly marking your clothes or causing the saddle stitching to rot.

Saddles should be carefully stored on a well-made saddle rack. Never position saddles where they can be knocked off the rack. Beware that lifting a saddle onto a very high rack can damage your own back and often results in the saddle being stored crookedly.

Mounting from a mounting block is definitely better for the horse's back and guards against the saddle tree becoming twisted, which can quite easily happen if the saddle is regularly used as a lever.