Growing up with horses, I started riding ponies at the age of seven; mainly trail riding and taking lessons at every opportunity that a little girl could.  All my life since then I knew I wanted a career with horses; I just had to find my nitch and what would be the best fit for me.
 In 2000 I found that nitch in the form of saddle fitting.  With initial training in New York, I developed and gained a greater understanding of the horse and rider combination than I could have ever imagined.  With that experience and knowledge combined and having access to some of the most advanced saddles on the market today, I was able to envision a win/win situation for both horse and rider.
 In 2006, I traveled to England to attain the Society of Master Saddlers Overseas Saddle Fitter Certification.  This was an amazing journey and experience that I shall never forget.
 Thru my role as a Saddle Fitter and as a fellow rider I have had the opportunity to meet a great amount of amazing people and horses, which has also helped my riding education.
 In the past I evented my retired Mare “Bree” up to Preliminary level, and currently compete with my six year old Oldenburg, Bordeaux.  One of my greatest riding accomplishments was attaining my USDF Bronze medal in 2010 with Fabian, a wonderful school master that I leased.  We competed up to Fourth level and worked hard to get two scores for my Silver medal.
In the future I plan to continue my education and life with horses.  I have completed the L-Judges program, and will continue to take classes and courses with the Society of Master Saddlers, both here and in England.  In the near future I will be traveling to England to meet with several Master Saddlers and will be learning more of the trade of saddle making and how business is run there.  In the far future I will work towards my USDF Silver and Gold Medals. This career is my life and my love.

Heather Soones-Booher